My products all work together to save energy, time, and money. They take advantage of existing technologies that provides an integrated mobile user interface among many other great features. I am currently transitioning to the Amazon Echo environment. Stay tuned!

Climate Guru

This app can really save you money while  making your house even more comfortable. It strives to use outside air to keep you home as cool as possible when your in a heat wave and as warm as possible when temperatures dip. Like the conductor in an orchestra it coordinates all of your ventilation related devices which may include any combination of the following:  Whole house fans, attic fans, garage fans, basement fans, windows, skylights, window coverings, and more. Click here to learn more.

Ceiling Fan Guru

This app manages your ceiling fans, turning them on only when it’s hot and you’re in the room, and off otherwise. It keeps you comfortable by turning on the ceiling fan before you begin to feel too warm. Click here to learn more.

Occupancy Guru

This app utilizes motion sensor and door sensor input to accurately determine whether someone is home or not, allowing the termostat to be set back and lights to be shut off.